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I Shared What?!? is designed to help you take control of your privacy.

The I Shared What?!? information sharing simulator is written in javascript, running in your browser. The information received from Facebook is displayed in your browser and neither sent to nor stored on our server, with one exception.

Facebook Connect uses cookies to track session details. That information is automatically sent to our server. We receive authentication information (session ID, access token, and signature) and your Facebook user ID.

We also use cookies to manage your permissions settings. This allows us to avoid maintaining a server-side user database with that information. By visiting our website, you send us information automatically, such as cookies, your IP address, your ISP, your browser type, and your operating system.

We log this information and use it to better understand how people use our website.

Other companies involved with I Shared What?!?

We use Printfection to run our Store. If you purchase from them, you will need to provide financial information and a delivery address. In addition, they have their own privacy policy. They may also forward some information to us as part of reporting any sales in our store.

We also use Google Analytics to track usage on our site and AddThis for easy sharing of the site, eg., via Twitter, email, and Digg.

Facebook, Google, AddThis and Printfection may store cookies on your computer. I Shared What?!? has neither control nor access to the information captured by these cookies except as described here.

You may also disable I Shared What?!? by deleting it on your applications page at Facebook.

Bottom line on Privacy

We never send personally identifiable information to anyone for any purpose. We will never sell, redistribute, or release this information for any reason unless legally required by court order from a court of competent jurisdiction.

What is this?

I Shared What?!?™ is an information sharing simulator that let's you see the information you would share with a Facebook App or Facebook Connect, using permissions you set.

It's not possible for us to show what you've actually already shared, because we weren't there when you shared it.

We also can't detect exactly what you would be sharing at specific websites because those sites might vary their permissions at any time, just as our simulator adjusts the permissions we request when you change the settings on the permissions page.

What we do is show you in detail exactly what information Facebook shares using specific permissions. We do that by requesting those permissions via Facebook Connect, getting all the data we can, and displaying it to you, in your browser.

You can change the permissions to explore what each setting actually means.

Is this Safe?

I Shared What?!? is a javascript application running in your browser. Our server never sees the information you share from Facebook. With the exception of your permissions and your Facebook user ID, your information never leaves your browser.

We never send any of your information to anyone.

See our privacy policy for more details.

Facebook Apps and Facebook Connect

Facebook Apps are applications that run within the Facebook website, such as We're Related, Movies, and Mafia Wars.

Facebook Connect is a service that allows Facebook users to log in to other websites—such as CNN, CBS.com, Digg, Yelp, and YouTube—using a Facebook login, but without revealing the password to the website. When you use Facebook Connect, you also give those websites permission to access your Facebook information and to use that information to customize their website for you.

Similar permissions are given to Facebook Applications when you use them. For simplicity's sake, when we refer to "websites", we also mean any Facebook Application.

If you want to see what websites you've given permissions to, visit your Facebook Application settings page.